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Ribbons of Beauty


Empowering Women  & Girls Worldwide


Our Mission is To Mentor and Raise Up A Generation Of Women Who Embody Moral Standards, Class, Sophistication, and Exhibit Immaculate Educational Preparation!
We equip the next generation to make bold and powerful decisions through exercises that relate to the student, whether economically or academically, to challenge the thought process of positive decision-making and how to make power moves if you may make the wrong decision. We also ensure students are ready to enter into college and the work force by having powerful networking tools, such as a resume, elevator spill, and personal statement.


(RIB)bons of Beauty guides students to graduate on time, become a leader in their community, prepare to enter college with workshops, ACT/SAT prep and professional development  through exposure to mentors and career professionals..


POC: Teneika Askew

Email: info@ribbonsofbeauty.org

Phone: 202-930-0073 

Registered Charity: 46-5651055